Hello blogging world! I am Jess Skaltsas, a 24 year old Health Fitness Specialist/ACSM Certified Personal Trainer in Raleigh, NC. I graduated in May 2010 from East Carolina University [GO PIRATES!!] with a BS degree in Exercise Sport Science and minor in Business.  Let me start by saying I am not a fitness-fanatic… you know the type who live at the gym and can only talk about how many calories they’ve consumed that day. That is not me. Life is too short. So this is my blog about ENJOYING life while being healthy and physically fit!

I have always had a passion for living life to the fullest. This explains my adventurous and optimistic nature. I could be described as a free-spirit who enjoys traveling, laughing, eating, and being active of course! I have two black labs, Dozer and Lola, who constantly keep me moving and entertained. Being a Sagittarius, I am naturally a very positive person and a great listener. I am extremely creative which is a huge benefit when it comes to making workouts fresh and challenging. I truly enjoy helping others on their journey to being more active and reaching their fitness goals.  I hope this blog motivates people to get up and get moving, the clock is ticking!


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